Who are we?

Catarina Moll Usina’s 4th Great granddaughter Malinda Usina Jones (1935-2022). Malinda points to Usina name on the Father Camps monument at the Cathedral.

Our Mission

We are a group of individuals who identify as Minorcans, including those who have married into Minorcan families or have close friendships with Minorcans. Our focus is on locating the burial sites of 964 Minorcans, Greeks, and Italians who died and were laid to rest on the land that once belonged to Dr. Andrew Turnbull’s plantation, now known as New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

According to historical records, 1403 Minorcans departed from Minorca, but only 1225 of them arrived at the Turnbull plantation in the summer of 1768. Sadly, the bodies of 148 individuals who perished during the arduous 70-day sea voyage cannot be located. However, we remain hopeful that we can find one or more of the 964 “Missing Minorcans” who are buried somewhere in New Smyrna Beach.

To aid in our efforts to locate these “Missing Minorcans,” we have identified one individual whose story we have documented. Catarina Moll Alzina (Usina), who was married to Antonio Alzina (Usina), died on the Turnbull plantation and Antonio is chronicled in Father Camps Golden Book as the widower of Catarina Moll Alzina (Usina). We believe that by putting a face on one of the deceased, we can honor the memory of all who have been lost.

We request participation in this quest by everyone who believes in honoring our departed loved ones by finding the remains of one of our ancestors. Antonio is buried in an unmarked grave in the Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine. How wonderful it would be if remains to be found on the Turnbull plantation could be reunited with the Minorcans in St. Augustine who survived the plantation. We understand how difficult finding these graves will be. Nevertheless, it is the desire to follow the evidence until a burial site is found in New Smyrna Beach and the remains validated.
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